Drop in Body Pickup Solution

Dropinbody - the affordable choice of pickup top


What options are available?

 When top comes out of the mold it is a naked casting with a simple rear door opening.


Out of the mold

Here is a drop in pickup body which has just come out of the mold being test fitted before moving on to the finishing process where it will be trimmed, cleaned and have its door(s) fitted before going to final product outfitting to customer specification.

Because we can add things like side doors or windows or a bespoke interior it means that we can offer customers a very unique product, below are just a few of the options available:

  • Basic drop in model with locking rear door
  • Basic drop in model with locking rear door and two side opening (lockable) doors
  • Rear door glazing
  • Front panel glazing (to permit view from inside cab)
  • Air inlet for carriage of pets or working animals
  • Pull out trays for ease of loading
  • Bespoke interior e.g. locker and drawer system or fire fighting configuration

Pull out tray

A popular choice is to install a pull out tray to make it easier to load and unload the drop in body when it is on the vehicle.

Please be aware that with a pull out tray installed we do not reccomend trying to manually lift the body off.

Note the hard wearing coating which has been added to the base of the drop in body.

We can also provide additional lighting for the interior or exterior (inc. scene lighting or strobe lighting) which does require the customer to supply the vehicle in order to make the connections to the vehicles electrical system. We have provided an example below of a previous vehicle to which we fitted an off the shelf top (not a drop-in body) and then added a lighting package for use as an emergency vehicle.

Blue light package

For emergency service organisations we can customise the vehicle with a bespoke blue light package.

Amber light package

This is obviously aimed at the commercial sector for companies who operate pickups but need to have conspicuity whilst working on motorways or where the vehicles are presenting a hazard to traffic.

Interior Lighting

We can also provide interior lighting.

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