Drop in Body Pickup Solution

Dropinbody - the affordable choice of pickup top


The finished product

Once out of the mold the drop in pickup body is relocated into the dressing section of the factory where it is placed onto a finishing frame

Quality control

The drop in pickup body goes through a process of trimming and fine sanding to take off the remnants of the mold process following which it is inspected for any defects from the mold which need addressing.

It is also at this stage where the drop in body receives the rear door and side doors if selected as an option on that particular build.

The interior floor is installed and dressed which leaves paint, all our drop in pickup bodies are white unless specifically ordered to colour match a customers vehicle*.

* Exact colour matches may not be possible due to weathering and age of vehicle.
The final stage is to give the lower half of the body a hardwearing protective coating.

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