Drop in Body Pickup Solution

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How is the drop in pickup body made?

Below we detail the process by which our pickup body's are designed and manufactured.

The concept

The first part of the process is to put the drop in pickup body design down on paper in rough form which is then scrutinised and tweaked to bring about the final design from which the mold will be made.
The next part of the process is to make the plug from which the mold is made and this is where the real skill comes in.

The team that make the plugs are second to none, the level of attention to detail is incredible, any design changes are implemented within this stage of the build process.

Once the plug is made it is coated and polished to resemble the finished product which provides a clean surface onto which the GRP materials are placed to form the mold.
The mold is made of lots of layers of the GRP fibres reinforced with other materials to ensure durability and longevity so that it can produce an almost infinate number of body's.
Once the mold is complete it is then time to start making product i.e. the tops themselves.

This involves building up layers or fibres and resin on the inside walls of the mold.
Once allowed to dry it is then a case of disassembling the mold to release the drop in body.

When the drop in pickup body is released the mold is then cleaned and made ready to produce another one.

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